Teaching Activity

Since 1980, she developes an intense teaching activity.
She launched  and directs since then, LABA-BA : Laboratory of Art and Jewish Culture in Buenos Aires in 2015, together with LABA in the 14th st Y of NYC.
Organizes and coordinates residencies of studies for artists of multiple disciplines together with Lic. Tova Sharzman; with whom she directes study travells and exhibitions of LABA-BA in New York.
She directs her own studio accompanying artists in their ownprojects.

Coordinates training for educators. Lecturer locally and in many universities abroad.

  • Bamah years 2006-2005
  • Tarbut School 2007
  • Badaj Jinuj- AMIA year 2006
  • Limud- Buenos Aires year 2008 -2010-2011
  • Dartmouth College- New Hampshire- printing department- February 2009-
  • University of Maryland- St Mary's College- Maryland (2010)
  • The University of New York in Buffalo (2011)
  • MIAD Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design- engraving classes. Workshops on Artist's Book - Work clinic for painting students.

She  gave a postgraduate seminars at the Tres De Febrero University in Buenos Aires during a semester "A Jewish glanze on the Visual Arts" and multiple workshops in universities in the United States.