Borges And The Kabbalah: mapping Desire

borges and the kabbalah: mapping desire

Mirta Kupferminc - Saúl Sosnowski
Centro da Cultura Judaica, Sao Paulo, Brazil, August 2011

The axis of this exhibition is given through the encounter and conjunction of letter and image that move animated by the desire to be, to point out the steps to follow to obtain what is only achieved by betting everything. Spun on a map, they point and suggest the desire to discover, learn, understand, interpret, enjoy, share ... Acts that thread reason and passion. Centro da Cultura Judaica is transformed in its entirety to a generation of tracks - some explicit, others liminal - that promote in visitors the desire to approach the center cautiously. Following a journey that will have to be traveled or at least recognized in order to reach the goal, each one will discover different signs, letters, texts and phrases at their own pace, which as signals urge to want to see, obtain, be more. Following the clues (which will also suggest the notion of the labyrinth, so recognizable in Borges's work, the visitor reaches the second floor. There, in the library, the nucleus of the exhibition unfolds. There also, among the books, in the lyrics as Borges imagined, the universe that will be accessed (or not) through multiple levels of encrypted knowledge.