AMIA Victims Memorial Monument

AMIA Victims Memorial Monument

This work is not a memorial sculpture, but a Claim Monument

It is a “Mark”, A “Sign” in our city.

For its realization, the chosen material was wood, specifically quebracho. Wood, because it comes out of the earth and is a living material; and quebracho because it is a very hard type of wood and it grows in Argentina.

That is why these sticks, each one unique, all different, are aligned in the form of an “open book”. If we imaginary continue the lines in the space, the monument would “embrace” the Palace of Justice. If we look at the monument, going out from the palace of Justice, it shapes an “arrow”, a vector that goes out searching justice.

The names of the victims of the attack are distributed vertically; STANDING, and without a stablished order, to symbolize the absence of logic in who each of the victims was.

The base is round, to involve the whole society, and on the basis of granite there is a triangle indicating the time of the attack.

This base is not resting on the ground yet; it is slightly elevated, as if floating, to symbolize that these murdered people are not yet buried; and they will not be until the criminal case is resolved.

Mirta Kupferminc