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Mirta Kupferminc

Mirta Kupferminc,

Multidisciplinary artist, Born, Buenos Aires, Argentina1955-

Studies: Ernesto de la Cárcova (Superior Studies) – 1978 to 1981

Prilidiano Pueyrredón (National Art University) – Degree: Master- 1974 to 1977

Manuel Belgrano (National Art College) – 1969 to1973

Lecturer, mentor of other artists and teacher, she lives and works in Buenos Aires. Exhibiting since 1977, she has had more than 100 solo and group shows in Argentina, Cuba, Brazil, Uruguay, China Switzerland, Spain, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong , Germany, Israel, Poland, France, Hungary, England, United States. Her works can be found in International Collections and Museums. Received local and international printmaking awards, Example: Great Honor Prize (2012) in Argentina, First Prize Sivori Museum, Argentina (2018) Silver Medal Taiwan Biennale (2006) Honor Mention Taipei Biennale (1999)Third Prize  at 7th Koichi Biennale (2008).

In 2013 she was the first international fellow at LABA House of Study: a laboratory for Jewish Art and Culture at the 14th St Y NYC.and is also the founding LABA-BA director in Buenos Aires. And also directs Grafia Insurgente Association.

Contact Information
E : mirta@mirtakupferminc.net
International Collections and Museums

Museo Wolfsohn Hechal Schlomó – Jerusalem- The Israel Museum Contemporary Art Collection, Jerusalem-Israel-Fine Arts Museum , Taipei-Fine Arts Museum , Taichung-

Taiwan-Ralli Museum, Uruguay- Fine Arts Museum ,Gÿor-Holocaust Museum, Budapest, Hungary-Ex-libris Museum, Saint Niklaas, Belgium-National Library , Madrid,contemporary collection, Spain-   Casa de las Américas, La Habana, Cuba- Universidad de Maryland-Library of Congress, Washington DC-Golda Meir Library, Winsconsin University,Milwaukee- HUC Museum,  Nueva York, Manhattan, NY-University of New York at Buffalo- MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of art and Design),- Winsconsin University Collection-Southern Graphic Council Collection, USA.

Collections and Museums in Argentina (selection)
  • Palais de Glace (Museum), Buenos Aires-Rosa Galisteo de Rodríguez Museum.
  • Rosario-National Printmaking Museum.
  • Buenos Aires-IWO Museum.
  • Buenos Aires-Amalia L. de Fortabat Collection, Jewish Museum.
  • Buenos Aires-Nueva Dirección en la Cultura Collection.
  • Buenos Aires-Garraham Hospital.
  • Buenos Aires-Hacoaj Nautical Club-Argentinian Hebraica Society.
  • Buenos Aires-Pardés Foundation.
  • Buenos Aires-Konex Foundation.
  • Buenos Aires-Banco Mercantil Foundation.
  • Cultural and Commercial Office of Taipei in Argentina.
Main Awards

2022 Winner of the 2022 Isaac Anolic Foundation Award for artist Books
Honor Mention,  International  Printmaking Contest José Guadalupe Posada, Museo José Guadalupe Posada, Aguascalientes, México.
“Testimonio para el Testigo”  Programa Mecenazgo Cultural, Impulso Cultural, Ministerio de Cultura de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

2021 First Prize, Salón Municipal Manuel Belgrano, Museo E. Sívori, Buenos Aires.
First Prize (collaboration with Andi Arnovitz and Lynne Avadenka), Anolic Family Foundation, U.S.A

2018 Second prize – Salon manuel Belgrano – Museo Sivori national contest

2016 Beca Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture – New York

2013 Honor Mention Sivori Museum, Argentina

2013 First International Fellow at LABA: HOUSE OF STUDY Y New York-

The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation (CLSFF)

“#MakeItHappen” Micro Grant Campaign

2012 First National Honor Award – Presidencia de la Nación Argentina

2010 Special prize for the Video THE NAME AND THE NUMBER,Argentina,

2008 Third prize at the 7th International Triennial Exhibition of Prints- Kochi

Grant- Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture-

2007  Commendation Award- Ben Uri art gallery- IJAYA- London, Great Britain

2006  Second Prize- Internacional Printmaking Bienal Taiwán

Premio Moisés – Visual Arts Sociedad Hebraica Argentina

Holocaust Museum Prize- Buenos Aires

2001   Adquisición Award, 78º Annual Salón de Santa Fé, Argentina

1999   Honorable Mention, Printmaking Biennial of Taipei, Taiwan

1998   She was invited by the Printsaurus Association, Japan

1997   National Printmaking Award – FIRST PLACE

1996   Honor Great Award, Salón de Santa Fe, Argentina

1993   Consulate of Italy Award, Salón de Santa Fe, Argentina

Fondo Nacional de las Artes Award –

1989   Guibourg Award , National Award, Argentina

1987   Best Monotype Award, National Award, Argentina

1985   Cata Mórtoli de Bianchi Award, National Award, Argentina

1984   Salvador Caputto Award , Salón de Santa Fe, Argentina

1980   Young Argentinian Art  Award – FIRST PLACE

Lectures (selection)

2022 “Photography’s Afterlives” conference – Hood Museum, Dartmouth U.S.A.
“Postmemory and the Art of Witnessing” conference – University of Gdańsk, Poland and Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Colombia).
2020 (online)
– interview by the Jerusalem Biennale

Fundación Judaica: ‘A circle of chalk”

Fundación Pardes: “ Not hidden nor evident”

Holocaust Museum Buenos Aires: Conversation on Art and Memory”

Conversation with Dan Schiffrin, California: “Story telling”

Dartmouth University; “Borges and the Kabbalah”

Hacoaj culture department: “ Discovering the already known”

2019 – MSA conference, conversation with Mirianne Hirsch- Art and Memory

2018– Argentinean Chancellery, about Memory and Art

Impact printmaking conference, Santander Spain- Migrant printmakers in conversation

2017 – Library of Congress- A Jewish latinamerican view on Babel, with Tova Shvartzman

Borges and the Kabbalah- LABA- 14TH St Y New York

2015 – “The Trap of Eden” at the Latin American Jewish Studies Association LAJSA, University of Florida, with Tova Shvartzman

The Skin Of Memory- Beth Torah Beny Rock Campus, Florida-

2014 – Borges and Kabbalah, 14th St Y (LABA session)-

2013 – Curator´s presentation at the SCGI International Printmaking Conference- Milwaukee-

2012 – Lazar Segall Museum. Sao Paulo- Printmaking art Fair. Estampa

2011– Interdiciplinary Center for the study of Global Change- University of 2011Minnesota- “Multiculturalism and Migration: an artist´s Vision”- She directed the artist´s books Project “ Inter- Vengo” a Buenos Aires for students of Dartmouth College –

Workshops at:Dartmouth College- New Hampshire- Printmaking department- February

2009 – MIAD Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design- Printmaking clases. Book s classes- Art critic painting students

Visiting artist at MIAD – Darmouth College – (lecture and Workshops)

Latin America Jewish Studies- University of Tel Aviv- with Saúl Sosnowski

The University of New York at Buffalo- October 2009.

2008 – Visiting artist University of Maryland

HUC- NY about my work

2007 – Library of Congress with Saúl Sosnowski-Borges y la Cábala, Senderos del Verbo- Villa Ocampo- UNESCO, with Saúl Sosnowski .

Visiting artist – MIAD – Milwaukee Institute of Art and design- Golda Meir Library- Wisconsin University- Milwaukee- Hebrew Union College- Lecture “Mirta Kupferminc as a printmaker”-Visiting artist at Wisconsin University-( Lectures and exhibition-)

2006 – LAJSA Latinamerican Jewish Studies –National Library- Buenos Aires

Round table about Postmemory- Hemispheric institute Encounter

2004 – Paralel Worlds- Fundación Internacional Jorge Luis Borges-

2001 – Psicoanalisis and Art-Centro Cultural Borges – National Fine Arts Museum

Exhibitions (selection)

2022 º The Outside of The Inside – Centro Municipal de Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
“Bearing Witness” – Museo del Holocausto, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
º The House is in the Book, collaboration with Andi Arnovitz and Lynne Avadenka – 5th Jerusalem Biennale, Jerusalem Print Workshop , Jerusalem Biennale Israel.
º Clamor in the Desert, Site Specific Installation – Jewish History Museum, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.

º School Photos and their Afterlife- Hood Museum Hanover

º The Other is Oneself- Franz Josefs Kai 3, Viena

º Salon Manuel Belgrano, Museo Sívori, Buenos Aires

2019 º Art and Jewish Mystisism- Joods Museum, Amsterdam, Holanda.

º Descanso de Caminantes, Fundación Cazadores, Buenos Aires.

º Creator and  y curator  of the project Confrontation- Conversation, 4th

Jerusalem Biennale

º Beyond The Veil- Hotel Saturnia & International, Venecia Italia-

Artlife for the World, Venecia- Italia (taking Part).

Women Mobilizing Memory- Congreso MSA, Madrid, España.

2018 ° Mundo Nuevo Art Gallery- “Bordering Silence”

CASYC, Santander, Spain “An Altar for Alter”

2017 ° Represents Argentina at the Third Jerusalem Biennale-


2016 º DAIN  Usina Cultural, Buenos Aires –“The Body Of The Words”.

º “ Divided Waters”- Venice- 500 years  del Ghetto in Venice.

º Festival de la Luz- Buenos Aires

2015 º Galerie Koo- Hong Kong

º Art Biennial Jerusalem ( group show)

2014 º Invited artist to show at the International printmaking exhibition at The Fine

Art Museum , Shangai

º Presentation at LABAlive at the 14th St Y , Manhattan USA

2013 º Printmaking exhibition at ArchivArte Gallery- Bern Switzerland

º Gravura Brasileira, Sao Paulo- Brazil-

º Experimental Printmaking Projects

2012 º Fundación Alon para las Artes- Buenos Aires- La Vida Espuma- with

texts by Manuela Fingueret

º Fundación Fundacruz- Río Gallegos-

º Mapping Desire: Borges And Kabbalah- with texts by Saúl


2011 º The Palm Of My Hand .Original Múltiple Gallery- Buenos Aires.

Centro de Cultura Judaica- Sao Paulo, Brasil.

º Reni Duplaa: al borde de lo virtual- Galería ATICA, Buenos Aires,

(collaboration with Jorge Meijide)

2009 º WANDERINGS Jewish Museum Hebrew Union College NYU.

º Galería Arcimboldo- The Skin Of Memory, Buenos Aires .

2008 º Nohl Art Gallery– Wisconsin University- Milwaukee. “Women of the Book:

Mirta Kupferminc and Shirah Apple.

º Borges and the Kabbalah: Seeking Access Exhibition with texts by Saúl

            Sosnowski. University of Maryland.

2007 º Cervantes Institute, Chicago,U.S.

º Installation: The Skin Of Memory  Hemisferic Institute,Centro Cultural

º Buenos Aires,  Buenos Aires,

º Universidad CEMA – Skin and Soul of Memory.

2006 º Borges And Kabbalah: paths to the Word- texts Saúl Sosnowski-

Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

2005 º Universitat der Künste Berlin Gallery,Germany

º Exhibition video  “En Camino”  Espacio Fundación Telefónica, BA

2004 º International Foundation Jorge Luis Borges. “Mundos Convergentes”

Buenos Aires.

2003 º Invited by Argentinian Chancellery .

2002 º Sívori Museum Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina .

º International Images, Sewickley, Pittsburgh

1999 º Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires

º Espacio Giesso Art Gallery, Buenos Aires.

º Ruth Schweitzer Fine Arts Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

º National Exhibition Hall (Palais de Glace), Buenos Aires.

1998 ºSokei Academy of Fine Arts, Tokyo, Japan.

1992 ºModern Art Museum, Buenos Aires.

1990 º American Art Museum, Punta del Este, Uruguay.

º Wildenstein Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina .

1989 º Aramayo Art Gallery,Uruguay .

1984 º Praxis Art Gallery, Buenos Aires.

1982 º Rubbers Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Catalogues (selection)

El Afuera del Adentro (2022) – CMA Centro Municipal de Arte de Avellaneda, Buenos Aires. – CMA Centro Municipal de Arte de Avellaneda, Buenos Aires.

Bordering Silence (2018) – Mundo Nuevo Art Gallery – Buenos Aires.

Traduttore-Tradittore (2017) – Underground Prisoners Museum, 3rd Jerusalem Biennale.

The Body Of The Word (2016) – DAIN Usina Cultural, Buenos Aires.

La Vida Espuma (2012)

Wanderings (2009) Jeannie Rosensaft- Huc- Nyc

Borges And The Kabbalah: Seeking Access- Saúl Sosnowski, University Of Maryland,  College Park Art Gallery (2008)

La Piel De La Memoria (2007) – Marianne Hirsch & Leo Spitzer

Borges And The Kabbalah : Paths To The Verb- Saul Sosnowski- (2006)

Gente Del Otro Espejo (2001) – Julio Sapollnick

Mundos Paralelos (1999)

4 Artistas Plásticos Argentinos (1997)

Articles and books (selection)

Kolture, JAS. Boston (2022)
Revista APA. Buenos Aires (2022)
Cuadernos de la Shoa. Museo del Holocausto B.A. – Andi Arnovitz, Lynne Avadenka, Mirta Kupferminc (2022)
The House Is in the Book: collaboration in isolation. Artist Book (2021)
Shalvi/Hyman Encyclopedia of Jewish Women (2021)
Truth in the Americas. Rutgers University – Natasha Zarebsky (2021) 

Testimonio para el Testigo/ Bearing Witness. Libro de Artista – Mirta Kupferminc (2020)

The Other Argentina – Amy Kaminsky  (2020)  Boston.

School photos in Liquid Time (2019) Hirsch-Spitzer

Women and Migration – Response in Art and History (2018) Willis- Toscano- Nelson

Revista Casa Foa. (July 2016) Buenos Aires

Sculpture Magazine (2015) New York

Cultura e Educaçao- Coelho Teixeira (2015) Brazil

God, Faith, & Identity From The Ashes- Menachem Z. Rosensaft (2014) NY

The Global And the Intimate : Feminism In our Time- Geraldine Pratt, Victoria Rosner (2013)

Harbinger of Modernity– Dalia Wassner (2013)

Painting Borges: Philosophy Interpreting Art Interpreting- Jorge J. E. García (2012)

Future of Text And Image: collected essays – Ofra Amihay, Lauren Walsh (2012)

The New Jewish Argentina- Adriana Brodsky , Raanaan Rein (2012)

In the wake Of Neoliberalism : Citizenship And Human Rights- Karen Faluk- (2012)

Returning To Babel: Jewish Latin American experiences- amalia Ran- Jean Cahan (2011)

Critical Mass : printmaking Beyond The Edge- Richard Noyce- (2010)

The Jewish Diaspora In Latin America And The Caribbean- Kristin Ruggiero (2010)

Installations and experimental Printmaking- Alexia Tala (2009)

Misplaced objects: Migrating Collections and Recollections- Silvia Spitta (2009)

Rethinking Jewish- Latin America- Jeff Lesser, Raanaan Rein- (2008)

The Walls Of Labyrinth…- Karen Ann Faluck (2008)

Argentina: A Global Studies Handbook.- Todd L. Edwards (2008)

Diaspora And Memory: Figures Of Displacement.- Marie- Aude Baronian, Stephan Besser, Yolande Janses (2007)

Debate Feminista- Vol 18 (2007)

Art News- Vol. 101-

Hijos De La Guerra- Diana Wang, Constanza Brunet- (2007)

Grabart- Papel Y Estampa- (2006)

Espiral De interrogantes- Reynaldo Gonzalez- (2004)

Iluminaciones Judías- Eliahu Toker (2002)

Art News- issue March (2002)

AJS- Perspectives- Magazzine of Jewish Studies- migration- issue fall 2017

Teaching Activity

In Argentina, Mirta runs her own art studio from 1981 to date, where she teaches artists of different levels and from multiple fields of the artistic landscape.

She also coordinates the GRAFICA INSURGENTE group, which she founded in 2018 and leads to date. It consists of a group of reflection for professional artists which she trains in the practical situations of professional activity.

Since 1980, she developes an intense teaching activity.

She launched  and directs since then, LABA-BA : Laboratory of Art and Jewish Culture in Buenos Aires in 2015, together with LABA in the 14th st Y of NYC.

Organizes and coordinates residencies of studies for artists of multiple disciplines together with Lic. Tova Sharzman; with whom she directes study travells and exhibitions of LABA-BA in New York.

She directs her own studio accompanying artists in their ownprojects.

Coordinates training for educators. Lecturer locally and in many universities abroad.

  • Bamah years 2006-2005
  • Tarbut School 2007
  • Badaj Jinuj- AMIA year 2006
  • Limud- Buenos Aires year 2008 -2010-2011
  • Dartmouth College- New Hampshire- printing department- February 2009.
  • University of Maryland- St Mary’s College.
  • Maryland (2010)The University of New York in Buffalo (2011)

MIAD Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design- engraving classes. Workshops on Artist’s Book – Work clinic for painting students.

She  gave a postgraduate seminars at the Tres De Febrero University in Buenos Aires during a semester “A Jewish glanze on the Visual Arts” and multiple workshops in universities in the United States.