Borges And The Kabbalah: Seeking Access

borges and the kabbalah: seeking access

This exhibition is a dialogue between image and text that was shown at the Art Gallery of the University of Maryland in 2009. Mirta Kupferminc and Saúl Sosnowski have been sharing the challenge of weaving the nexuses between Borges and the Kabbalah through different expressive languages. More than dialogue, it has been a “trialogue”, therefore, making use of Borges ‘texts , with Borges’ approach to some notions of the Kabbalah. For Borges, as he said, the Kabbalah is “a kind of metaphor of thought”. By uniting “Borges” and “Kabbalah” it is necessary to point out differences as fundamental as those that separate the mystic from a path in which life and death are resolved, reason and madness, which informs the pleasure of a game. To speak of “Kabbalah” is to enter the sacred space of Jewish mysticism rooted in and coded in millenary principles and practices. To read Borges is to participate in the rejoicing and the cult of imagination. The exhibition is conceived as a labyrinth that confluences in a space with the shape of an Aleph. The route of this exhibition, with a strong conceptual accent, is a journey through original prints and texts ;housed in a book of bibliophilia that is displayed in a glass case. A documentary film that accompanies the show , offers some key signals that allow access to concepts that are not hidden but are not evident either.

Saúl Sosnowski