Bordering Silence

Bordering Silence

Once on the road, travelers will understand that
nowhere will they find anything that they have not
brought with them.
Luis Gruss. Silence:The invisible in life and art



Learning to speak was the key! Speaking would allow communication, feeling more integrated and close, not so different. Feeling more “at home”.

But for that, it was necessary to speak the same language…

But is that a guarantee to understand each other?

I was born in a house where other languages ​​were spoken.

Other houses were also mentioned… distant and lost ones; from other places where I had never been, but even so, I seemed to remember them.

Dear but absent people were named: grandparents, uncles, neighbors and friends. No one had a face. Stories and places that for me were just names without images.

There were no photos at home. My parents´exile also left part of my own life in another place, and forced me to invent a shape for what remained present but invisible.

This body of work is shaped by images sustained on pillars of words and silences. To speak and to make someone speak, to be silent and to silence someone; they are all acts of power and resistance. * 1

I do not intend to forget what was lost, but to give it a name and summon anyone who dares to look; to see, to stop holding the breath for something that should have been said and was not  because we cannot run away from what does not disappear.


Mirta Kupferminc

*1 Pilar Calveiro, Familia y Poder, Araucaria 2005