Hand Writing

Hand Writing

This project is based on my love to literature. How can an artist who accurately chooses the authors she reads, (and many of them transformed into friends), make a tribute to the gift that she receives from them through their texts?

To contemplate a two-dimensional work of art is possible in one single time. We can see a painting, drawing or engraving, in its entirety, simultaneously. But sculpture , cinema, music or literature, demand from the interlocutor, a time to be able to experience the art.

Every artist, even in concealment, reflects part of his journey or fantasy in life. I chose the palm of the hand as a metaphor for a life map that shows, like all works of art, a personal, unique and internal territory; thus, I decided to cross the palms of loved and admired authors, with their own texts. This project gave me the privilege of working intimately with the writers in addition to conversing with their texts.

Mirta Kupferminc

Amos Oz

Eliahu Toker

Manuela Fingueret

Saúl Sosnowski

Meir Shalev

Otros Mapas