To Be A Witness

To Be A Witness

Sh’má Listen! Listen and understand your arduous and blessed duty in
each and every language that you comprehend:
To be a witness (‘ed) for all times (‘adeu ‘ad);
to keep a watchfull eye (‘ain) over the world (‘olam);
to sustain a caring gaze over the earth and the heavens;
to be attentive to the clarity of voices and echoes,

to the void,
to the commandments,
to that which has to be done
and to what must be avoided;
to what may place your soul at risk;

and fulfill your mandate in spite of such cursed blows that come as if from
the hatred of…,

Sh’ma! Listen! Listen and remember!

To be a witness who loves unconditionally;
Daring to judge God over Auschwitz and find Him guilty;
and pray to Him still,
even there,
even in Auschwitz.

To be a witness of Creative Power by His multiple and secret Names;
to be a witness to His actions
and also to His inaction.