Memory and Identity
  -    -  Memory and Identity

Mirta Kupferminc is a remarkable artist; this much is clearly evident in her work. It transcends the usual definitions that have tied so much other contemporary art into knots; it combines printmaking, poetry, sculpture, painting, video and photography in many and various permutations. It presents the viewer (the witness) with access to her deep and thoughtful work in a manner that is not common in today’s voracious and greedy art world. It contains the power to touch the heart and to create a potent link not only with her personal heritage, but also with the heritage of the world.

The quality of remembrance that reverberates in much of her work is persuasive, building links between her family history, and through that with the wider history of the Jewish people and beyond to that again to touch on the history of our civilization.

Richard Noyce,
Wales, february 2011